Building the leading global platform for smooth generational planning

Fenix Life

The estate planning and funeral industry are antiquated, patchy, and expensive. The market is dominated by highly fragmented local service providers. Fenix´s mission is to build the leading global platform for smooth generational planning.

In the coming 10 years, an estimated GBP 1.2 trillion in the UK alone is expected to pass down to beneficiaries of Baby Boomers "The Great Wealth Transfer". The demographic tailwind of baby boomer passing and the growing number of wealthy families lacking an estate plan is driving demand on funeral & estate planning services.

Homan Panahi, founder of Zaal Management: “Fenix ​​has created a digital platform that can radically simplify the lives of millions of people around the world as they go through life's crucial moments. The company has grown steadily with satisfied customers and continues to grow rapidly in selected markets. We look forward to working actively with the founders to build a category leader.”