Burt is a SaaS platform company and offers revenue maximization solutions for digital publishers and brands

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"I believe we are moving towards an era of “do it for me” technologies where AI is used to automatically resolve issues and identify key growth drivers, essentially giving every knowledge worker access to their own personal analyst"

Jan Bosch is Professor of Software Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. Jan is a board member at Burt Intelligence and Pelatrion

Burt offers revenue maximization solutions for digital publishers. In 2022, the company launched Burt Advisor, an AI-driven service that analyzes billions of data points to flag revenue maximization opportunities and issues to ad ops professionals each morning. Burt can identify millions of dollars in potentially missed revenue each day for its customers across thousands of flagged issues.


At the heart of Burt’s solution is usability — empowering ad ops professionals, who are perpetually overwhelmed with the task of putting out fires, to make the greatest possible impact on a daily basis. To do this, the company provides its users a single morning email with a short, prioritized list of tasks to tackle. Some fires are more dangerous than others. With Burt, ad ops professionals can focus on the ones that threaten to burn down the house.

Burt Intelligence’s ability to efficiently integrate disparate data sources and deliver goal-orientated insights out of the box has positioned it at the forefront of these changes, enabling companies to effectively use digital marketing data to drive growth.